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Kate Gardiner
about me

Get To Know Me & My Blog

I’m Kate, I live in Yorkshire and I love handbags.

What started as an obsession over a Mulberry bag more than 12 years ago has grown into a lifelong love affair. Since those early days, my bag collection has grown and what I look for in a bag has changed, but my love for them remains (as does that first ever Mulberry).

I’m a journalist, wife and mum and I love well-made, quality handbags. I’m also a huge fan of lattes, being by the sea, online shopping and watching cricket. I don’t like gardening, getting caught in the rain and the dog filter on Snapchat. I would love my home to look like something straight off an interiors inspiration board on Pinterest but it never will because I’ve got a toddler and I’ve run out of wet wipes.