Bagsposure | #HANDBAGSPO – An Instagram challenge
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Bagsposure #handbagspo Instagram challenge

#HANDBAGSPO – An Instagram challenge

Instagram challenges have been round for years but I’ve never seen one to celebrate everything about handbags – until now.

There are thousands of bag lovers up and down the country, chatting in forums, Facebook and ogling over totes on Instagram because their nearest and dearest just don’t ‘get it’.

Well, I thought it would be a great idea now we’re pretty much past the doom and gloom of January to create a month-long Instagram challenge to let us all come together to chat about bags, make new friends, find new favourites and share pictures of our own collections.

Starting on February 1st, I’m going to be using Instagram to document all things to do with the bags in my life (and dreams) and I’d LOVE you to join me! All you need to do is put the hashtag #handbagspo on your pictures.

Take a look at the prompt picture below, post a photo on Instagram relating to the listed topic on that day and use the hashtag #handbagspo. If you’re lacking in Instagram inspiration this could also act as a helpful prompt.

I’m hoping that #handbagspo will add to the already amazing community on social media. So who’s with me?! I’m @bagsposure on there if you’d like to follow me there.

I can’t wait to get started.

Bagsposure #handbagspo Instagram challenge

How do I get involved?

It’s really easy – you could save the image above or share it on Instagram so you’ve always got it handy. Then, use the daily prompts to share your bags with the world! Take a photo each day, upload it to Instagram and tag it with #handbagspo. I will do weekly roundups to see what everyone has been up to.

What if I miss a day?
Don’t sweat it – just catch up in your own time.

Can I post the challenge photo on my Instagram?
Definitely! That way you will always have it and other people might see it and get involved too. Just don’t forget to use the hashtag!

That’s it! I hope you like the idea and get involved.


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