Bagsposure | The Life-changing magic of using a small bag
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The Life-changing magic of using a small bag

Hill & Friends Happy Tweency Black

It’s been four years since Marie Kondo encouraged us to ‘spark joy’ by ruthlessly decluttering our lives. The art of KonMari organisation might be drastic but the principles of having a place for everything and everything in its place makes a lot of sense. Not that I’ve tried to do it at home. I fear I would drown in a sea of old pants.

ANYWAY. It got me to thinking about bags and more specifically how I seem to have naturally moved away from large bags and now always use small or mini versions. In fact, the smaller the better and I regularly use my teeny tiny Hill & Friends Tweencys for days on end.

I’m sure the very thought of this might be enough to give palpitations to those who haul a Bayswater round every day, but I find using a small bag really liberating. The caveat here is that the bag must be able to be worn as a crossbody or at least as a shoulder bag – no faffy clutches here.

But why is using a small bag life changing?

Well, maybe that’s putting it strongly, but when you think about it (really think about it), how much stuff do you actually, 100% need to carry with you?

That’s the beauty of a small bag. I’ve streamlined what I carry around with me so much that when I’m wearing my bag I can barely tell. Long gone are the days of needing physio (I shit you not) due to hulking round a ridiculously heavy Chloe Paddington with the padlock of doom. Now I just carry a coin purse, keys, my phone, work pass, a pot of Vaseline, headphones and some emergency paracetamol. And voila, no back pain, I’ve got everything I need and if I don’t have it and really need it, well I guess I can either go home or buy it. Kind of like the principle of when you pack to go on holiday, as long as you’ve got money, a toothbrush and pants if push comes to shove you can buy anything else you need.

Mini Oxblood Amberley and purses

Mulberry’s Mini Oxblood Amberley, left, takes small bags to the next level


How to streamline your bag

  • Do you need those 500 old receipts? Of course not. Bin them.
  • What’s that – a half-eaten biscuit nestling in the corner. No judgements here, but in the bin it goes.
  • Oh no, there’s a hotel key card lurking in the inside pocket. B-bye.
  • Wait a minute, is that last year’s diary? Seeya pal.
  • I’ve counted 10 tampons in there. No.
  • Look at that – seven hair bands. Not any more.
  • Hang on, I definitely need three pens. No you don’t.

And so on.

OK, so this is pretty tongue-in-cheek but you get the idea. I realised I was carrying so much guff around with me (which annoyingly meant it was even harder to find the stuff I actually needed in my bag). The joy with a mini or small bag is that carting round this nonsense is pretty much impossible as it simply won’t fit. Problem immediately solved. But also, don’t be tempted to fall into the trap of carrying a bonus tote bag filled with all the other shit. No-one needs a two-bag system.

So what do you think? Have you downsized your bag? Does the thought of carrying a tiny bag make you break out in a cold sweat? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I’ll sign off with a few of my favourite teeny tiny bags in case I’ve managed to convert you to the small side.

5 Tiny bags to revolutionise your life

Hill & Friends Bottle Green Happy Tweency – A tiny bag but like a tardis (currently £197 in the sale)

Hill & Friends Bottle Green Tweency

Cambridge Satchel Tiny Satchel in Silver Lizard – Structured and small (currently £42.00 in the sale)

Silver Lizard Tiny Satchel

Mulberry Small Amberley satchel – You can’t go wrong with classic Oxblood (currently £595.00)

Mulberry Small Amberley satchel

Gucci GG Marmont mini quilted shoulder bag – Love this soft pink (currently £715.00)

Gucci Marmont pink shoulder bag

DeMellier Manhattan crossbody in Navy and Forest Smooth – Such a versatile colour and love the triangle detail (currently £165.00 in the sale)

Demellier Manhattan crossbody

So do the best things come in small packages? Let me know what you think below.

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