Bagsposure | The Great Sales Frenzy – and why I’m bored of it
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Sales shopping bags

The Great Sales Frenzy – and why I’m bored of it

The sales have been going for a few weeks now and I don’t know about you but I’m ready for them to stop.

That frenzied feeling where you have this overwhelming urge to buy things ‘before they sell out’, waste hours of your time scouring site after site in case something you did miss out on comes back into stock. That nagging thought of ‘do I really want/need/like this’ juxtaposed with ‘I have to have it and if I miss it I’ll miss out’.

Well I’m calling time out and giving myself an intervention.

Sales can be great and yes there are lots of bargains to be had. But irritatingly they are only true bargains if you will actually use them – something I’ve fallen foul of in the past.

Yes, that pale gold bag I’ve got my eye on probably will look fantastic with a tan in the summer while I waft around in white.

BUT – a couple of issues: I don’t tan and I never buy white clothes as they would be ruined on 0.5 seconds by my sticky-fingered toddler.

Hill & Friends Happy Mini Gold Bag


So no, as lovely as it is, I don’t *NEED* this lovely gold bag. I want it, oh yes I want it. But realistically, I know it won’t work with my wardrobe, I’m not someone who goes ‘out out’ on the regular so I don’t need it for that (plus I have more suitable bags for that kind of thing anyway) and AGH when I really think about it I just can’t justify it.

So down with the sales. Plus, any money I don’t spend on frivolous items now leaves me with more money for when all the new season stock rolls round, which is much more exciting.

Are you ready for the sales to be over or are you enjoying searching for bargains? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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