Bagsposure | The bag you’ll be lusting after next summer
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The bag you’ll be lusting after next summer

I’m going out on a bit of a limb here but in Summer 2018 it’s alllll going to be about macrame bags.

Yep, Macrame.

As in, the twisted rope plant pot holders from the 1970s, but in handbag form. Think I’m crazy? Well, quite possibly I am, but I’ve been doing some monitoring and crunching the algorithms* and I reckon after this year’s obsession with net bags and baskets, macrame’s where it’s going to be at.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to also follow the people whose job it is to source and buy the designer bags we’ll all be coveting on social media. And one of those (a buyer for Net-a-Porter) shared a photo of a green Cult Gaia macrame bag which will be hitting the site in the new year.

While I’m not a massive fan of the green, I can see why this bag is going to be a firm favourite with the Instagram fashion pack and I full expect to see macrame-style bags filtering down to the high street.

But why wait? You can hop on this trend now and look all smug come summer by picking up a vintage piece on Etsy or – shrugs shoulders – have a go at making one yourself.

Vintage Macrame bag

Vintage Macrame bag – £27.37

Macrame bag large

Vintage macrame bag

So yeah, macrame. That’s my top tip for next summer.


But if it’s not a thing, well, if I really could see into the future I’d be laying on a yacht right now after successfully picked the winning lottery numbers each week. But I do have a good feeling about macrame.

Anyway, as you were.

* got a gut feeling


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