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Mulberry Blenheim Bag

How to Authenticate a Mulberry bag

Ebay and other selling sites can be great places to snap up a bargain when it comes to designer bags but along with the reward of a brilliant find often comes the risk of buying a fake.
At the time of writing this article, a search for “Mulberry Bag” on eBay returned more than 3,000 hits – none with a 100% guarantee of their authenticity other than the word of the seller themselves. It’s honestly a minefield. Mulberry fakes are big business. On my honeymoon in Malaysia there were so many at the markets in Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown, my friend said the same of Turkish markets and it’s the same the world over, from Thailand to the United States.

Mulberry Blenheim hardware

If you’re looking for a designer bag online then you want the real deal. It looks good to you, but hey, you’re no expert. What do you do?

Authentication services, that’s what. And I checked out one and gave it a road test to see just what’s involved with authenticating a bag (in case you’ve always wondered if it’s worth the money or not).

Authenticating your Mulberry Bag

I used Authentic8 My Bag – a specialist Mulberry authentication service. It’s run by the very knowledgable Eileen, a Mulberry fanatic who has more than six years experience of buying and selling Mulberry bags and has owned around 200 different styles. Eileen was an absolute pleasure to deal with, she’s friendly and was very comprehensive in her checking process.

So how does it work?

There are three different services:
  • Pre-purchase – before you buy an item from a selling platform
  • Post-purchase – once you have bought the bag
  • Written statements – to help in PayPal disputes and the claims process to outline the issues with an item if it has been deemed fake

The pre- and post-purchase options both cost just £4.50 – a bargain in my opinion when you could be spending hundreds on a bag, while a written statement is £25.

Mulberry fob

What do you need to do?

  1. Firstly, get in touch via or the Authentic8 page on Facebook.
  2. Once you’ve selected your service, you will be asked to send photos of the bag in question. If it’s for sale on eBay or Gumtree etc then you can send the item number.
  3. Sit back and wait for the (very quick decision). That’s it!


What photos do you need to send?

The more the better, but you definitely need the following:

  • Picture of the bag from the front, back and sides
  • The inside of the bag with a clear photo of the lining from straight on (if there is any lining)
  • The metal fob tag (front and back)
  • Close-ups of the hardware, e.g: studs and buckles
  • Close-up of the front lock plate (if there is one) both front and back
  • Close-up of the leather

Mulberry bag authentication

The Test

I bought a bargain Mulberry Blenheim on eBay – but was it real?
Eileen gave it a thorough once-over for me (using the pictures accompanying this post along with some others) and gave it the thumbs up.
Mulberry Blenheim bag
Blenheim I would say is genuine. The leather on this bag looks good and how it should for the style. I’d look at the studs, the metal fob with the tree looks fine made in tag again looks fine.
Good news for me! But I then decided to return the bag as sadly the condition wasn’t as described – but it was great to know I hadn’t been duped.

So how did Authentic8 (and Eileen’s love for Mulberry) come about?

Eileen said: “My love for Mulberry started almost seven years ago when I joined the met as a police officer and was doing my training. A girl on my course had a Bayswater and I was smitten.
I started Mulberry Addicts page on Facebook and I used to get lots of messages from ladies asking for advice on bags.
“I’d spend my free time talking to them and checking bags for them and then a few people said that I should start an authentication service and so I did.
“I built up a good relationship with ladies in our group and they trust me and my opinions.
“I’ve owned well over 100 Mulberry bags – probably had closer to 200 – over six years I started authenticating at the start of this year.”
If you’re looking to get a Mulberry bag authenticated – either before or after you buy – then I would definitely recommend Eileen and Authentic8 My Bag. It’s a quick, easy and cost-effective service which will give you peace of mind and can also help you win your PayPal/eBay case if you sadly have been sold a fake.
Have you had a bag authenticated? Would you in the future? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.
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