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Window shopping in Leeds

Harvey Nichols window display in Leeds

I had a lovely few hours in Leeds on my own yesterday. My toddler was in nursery for the morning and I headed over to get a load of Christmas shopping done A L O N E. Don’t get me wrong, it was a fairly military operation as I had two hours – no more, no less – so no casual wandering around the Christmas market for me, it was a rapid in and out job.

Saying that, I did manage to have a *very* nice coffee at Pret-a-Manger AND had a look in Mulberry, at Hill & Friends in John Lewis and a quick dash in (and out) of Harvey Nichols. Oh, and yeah, I ticked off a load of Christmas presents off my list too.

I also did a good old bit of window shopping. The Victoria Gate shopping centre, which is home to John Lewis, Anthropologie, Joules, & Other Stories and Aspinal of London among others, is glorious. Think bright, white and filled with high end high street stores.

Victoria Gate shopping centre

Anyway, on my way to Primark (to pick up some Christmas pyjamas, oh yes) I walked through the County Arcade, which is beautiful at this time of year as it’s filled with decorations.

It’s also the home of the Mulberry shop, and while I didn’t buy anything I had a good old nosy.

The County Arcade in LeedsMulberry store in leeds Mulberry store in leeds

I’ve got to admit, this season’s colour palette isn’t really grabbing me. The Dark Frozen blue is nice but not a classic I don’t feel the rosewater and the blush look great against my pale skin tone and the lavender just screams blue rinse. And don’t get me started on the clay. I liked it when I saw it online but in real life it’s just a bit drab in my opinion. I’m also not a fan of the embroidery on the bags – too fleeting a trend for such a high ticket item. Oh well, I suppose it’s a good thing as I left not lusting after anything.

Still, I took a few photos in case anything tickles your pickle.

Mini Oxblood Amberley and purses Mulberry Darley satchels in rosewater, embroidery and clay

Here’s more Dark Frozen on a Small Bayswater Satchel and a line-up of Lilys:

Dark Frozen Bayswater Mulberry Lily bags

I also did a bit of window shopping at Aspinal of London:

Aspinal of London shop in leeds

And of course, I couldn’t go to Leeds and not take photos of the windows at Harvey Nichols (main image, and below):

Harvey Nichols Window display in Leeds

All in all, it was an excellent way to spend a morning. When I got back home I picked up my son, gave him a second lunch (as apparently he was still hungry despite eating at nursery) then we had a nice two-hour nap together before a trip to Tesco to pick up our Christmas tree and decorations. He was SO excited about the tree that my husband got our old pop up one out and we put that up last night. Yep, it’s still nine days until December and we are getting the decorations out. I think the main tree is going up this weekend. Ah Christmas, it comes earlier every year…

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