Bagsposure | How to store your handbags: a step-by-step guide
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How to store your handbags: a step-by-step guide

The other day I inadvertently found myself on Pinterest ogling all manner of handbag storage. What a wild life I have, I know. After about two minutes I was in a pinning frenzy while feeling all inadequate about my own handbag storage solution. (In case you’re wondering, this is all of my bags in their respective dust bags on one large shelf in my built in wardrobe).

Sadly due to space restrictions, some bags have to lay on top of each other and this is the bit I feel uncomfortable about. My precious (said in my best Gollum voice) *shakes fist*

Dream Closet handbag shelf via Margo and Me

Dream Closet handbag shelf via Margo and Me

Anyway, this is how I began cruising all manner of beautifully lit and perfectly arranged closets on Pinterest. Not a dustbag in sight, each bag showcased in all its glory. Oh to have such space.

But then, while this is all well and good and some people have the ability to keep their bags in this way, is it actually good for them?


The answer is no.

Handbags, especially ones that are an investment which you hope to last a lifetime, need to be stored and treated with care. As lovely as they look on a shelf, this isn’t the best way to keep them.

So what is the best way to store them? Well, funny you should ask as here’s a handy guide.


How to store your handbags


  1. Clean them before you put them into storage.

    Such an easy stage to overlook and it’s not difficult to leave a random pen, some emergency paracetamol and some tissues in your bag before you pack it away. And yeah, I have been guilty of this. Instead, it’s way better to empty it all out, check for any dirt or marks and sort them out before you slip it into storage.

  2. Stuff them

    One of the best ways to keep a bag in tip top shape while it’s in storage is to keep it well stuffed so the shape is maintained. You can do this with well-packed tissue paper, bubble wrap, a small rolled up blanket or even some balled socks depending on what size your bag is.

    Love Lolo Accessories Pilo

    Love Lolo Accessories Pilo

    There is, however, a smarter way to do this: check out Love Lolo’s Pilo range – made to measure cushions which slip in your bag.

  3. Mind the strap

    If the temptation is to hang your bags by their strap to show them off then please don’t. This could weaken the stitching over time and no-one wants that. Instead, it’s better to neatly roll up the strap, and if it’s detachable take it off and store it in the bag.

  4. Cover them up

    This is where all of the beautiful Pinterest photos of bags opening displayed in closets is a big, fat, lie. Bags should be stored in dust bags to keep dirt, dust and grime away. If you don’t have a dust bag you can pick them up reasonably cheaply on eBay or simply use a pillowcase. Anything is better than not keeping it covered.

  5. Fasten them up

    Before you put your bags away, zip/close them. This helps not only to maintain their shape but stops anything crawling in them (ew) just in case and helps to keep out dirt.

    Handbag display on gold shelves

    Beautiful, but no, no, no


  6. Store your bags upright (unless they are a clutch, in which case skip to point six).

    This is the best way to keep them looking tip top to stop them from getting distorted in shape. This is an area I need to work on, although in my defence, the bags on the bottom of myself are flat tote bags. Also make sure where you are keeping your bags is dry (not damp) and out of direct sunlight. Another reason why all those Pinterest photos are A Bad Idea.

  7. Lay your clutch bags down

    This is the best way to keep this style of bags looking their best. Maybe they just enjoy a little lie down (who knows). Actually, it’s because they don’t tend to have much of a side to ‘stand’ on, so laying them down is better for their structure.



That’s it. Sure, you might not get the ‘wow’ factor of seeing your precious collection every time you go to pick out a jumper, but it’s nice to rest safe in the knowledge that your bags are being looked after in the best possible way. Also, not having them on display has the added bonus of hopefully keeping them safe in the horrible event that your house is burgled. Not a nice thought, I know, but true all the same.

How do you store your bags? Do you openly display them or do you keep them packed away? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


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