Bagsposure | A trip to Mulberry’s new outlet store in York
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A trip to Mulberry’s new outlet store in York

I live reasonably close to York but never really go to the city centre as it’s such a faff. Shunting round busy roads, one way systems and expensive parking don’t really tick my boxes. That’s one reason why I rarely go to Mulberry’s outlet store on Swinegate. (Other reasons, in no particular order, include: having no funds, carting a toddler with me, no free time).

Imagine my delight then when I heard the news that Mulberry was to open a new store at the McArthur Glen Designer Outlet on the outskirts of York. Clue: there was a lot of delight (despite still having a lack of funds).

I headed there earlier this week – toddler in tow – to check out the new store, have a wander round the outlet, grab some lunch and meet up with my in-laws who were on their way back from a holiday.

Mulberry outlet at McArthur Glen in York

Things I like about York’s Designer Outlet:

  • Lots of free parking
  • It’s undercover so better than a city centre when the weather’s dodgy
  • There’s a big, undercover, free play area to tire out your kids
  • The variety of shops seems to have really improved lately
  • Starbucks
So what’s the deal with the new Mulberry store?

It’s small and there’s not a massive amount of stock. There’s basically the counter, which doubles up as a display area for purses and pouches, two small walls of bags and a couple of display plinths. There’s also a smattering of clothes, but let’s be honest, who cares about those, we’re all about the bags.

I took some sneaky photos while I was there (pretty sure the sales assistant wasn’t too chuffed and she defo spotted me as pushing round a bored toddler does seem to draw the eye somewhat). You can kind of see the vibe.

Mulberry at York's designer outlet Mulberry at York's designer outlet Mulberry at York's designer outlet Mulberry outlet store at McArthur Glen in York

I’m wondering how often the stock will change and whether the Swinegate store will be made into a store rather than an outlet, or if it will close down altogether.

In conclusion:

It’s not worth the trip to McArthur Glen on its own (unless you call ahead in advance and have something you want put on hold) but it is a welcome addition to the designer outlet.

Have you been to the new Mulberry outlet store or are you close enough to go? What are your thoughts? Drop me a line in the comments.


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