Bagsposure | Dress up your bag in style with Liberty Twillys
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Mulberry Small Del Rey and Love Lolo Accessories Twilly

Dress up your bag in style with Liberty Twillys

You love bags, you would happily buy a new one each week (come on lottery win) but with the odds forever not in your favour you need another way to switch up your bag’s look.

Well hello friends, I’ve got something pretty damn gorgeous to share with you.

Love Lolo Twillys

Liberty London is a world-famous department store selling luxury goods, which as far as I can tell is famous for two things:

  1. Its Instagrammable flower display at the entrance on Great Marlborough Street.
  2. Its gorgeous fabrics and haberdashery department.


Today, we are interested in the latter, and more specifically, how it can spice up your much-loved Mulbs.

Enter, stage left, twillys made in a range of Liberty London fabrics by Love Lolo Accessories.

What’s a Twilly?

Put simply, it’s like a thin silky scarf which can be tied around the handles of your bag, knotted in a bow, worn as a scarf or round your wrist. Made famous by Hermes (whose twillys adorn their Birkins and Kelly bags) these gorgeous Liberty fabric twillys will amp up the heritage factor of your Mulberry bag and I think they compliment it perfectly.

Love Lolo Twilly and Mulberry Small Del Rey

Love Lolo Accessories has launched an initial collection of six different twillys which come in a range of colours to match the shade of your bag.

Louise Smith, Love Lolo co-founder, said:

“It’s the perfect way to to protect your handbag’s handles and give your favourite Mulberry a different look. The Twillys are handmade in England with beautiful Liberty London fabric. It’s an iconic luxurious cotton which has proved popular with our customers both because of it’s heritage and gorgeous colour selection available. We have really enjoyed the process of carefully choosing which prints to use and we are now expanding the range due to their popularity.”

Mulberry Small Del Rey and Love Lolo Accessories Twilly

I’ve had a sneak peek of the six new fabrics and let me tell you, they are gorgeous. If you’re a fan of rich, jewel-coloured florals then be excited.

I’ve been test-driving the Crochet Meadow twillys in blue on my black glossy goat leather Small Del Rey. I think the midnight blue of these twillys really work well with my dark bag, and I love the feel of the Tana Lawn cotton. It really feels like silk – but without the Hermes price tag.

Mulberry Small Del Rey and Love Lolo Accessories Twilly

Mulberry Small Del Rey and Love Lolo Accessories Twilly

The twillys are available in two sizes – I tried the smaller size on my Del Rey and it was easily long enough to cover the handles.

I’ve got to admit, it took me a couple of tries to get my twillys looking good on my bag, but that’s down to my cack-handedness more than anything. In fact, once you get the hang of it, it’s easy. I’d also recommend you check out this video for step-by-step instructions on how to tie a twilly:

I’m sold. I love the way this made my bag look and it has the added bonus of protecting its handles from the natural oil from my hands. (Not that my hands are massively slimy, but you know).

Currently Love Lolo have six different Liberty fabrics in the Twilly range but there are six more coming in a few weeks. Have I already said they are gorgeous?

A couple of clues: RED and GOTHIC FLORALS.


Love Lolo’s Twillys are sold individually and cost¬†¬£15.00 each and you can find them all here.

Love Lolo Twilly on Mulberry Small Del Rey

What do you think? Are you a fan of the twilly and fancy switching up your bag’s look? If I can tie them anyone can, and I’m also fancying wearing one around my wrist too. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Disclaimer: I was gifted the Twillys for the purpose of a review but all opinions expressed are my own.


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