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PapillonKia Mulberry Small Del Rey bag Liner review

Organising the inside of my bag has never been at the top of my agenda. I *know* my keys and purse are in there (somewhere) so what’s the problem?

That’s how I used to think until I started using a liner in my Mulberry Small Del Rey.

I only actually bought a PapillonKia felt liner for this bag as I wanted to maintain its shape and avoid the dreaded slouch. Some bags look better all soft and unstructured but in my opinion the Del Rey isn’t one of them. In a gorgeous black glossy goat leather with silver nickel hardware, I wanted my bag to remain structured, so a thick liner was the way to go. A happy coincidence of this is that my bag is now massively organised and for the first time ever I know where everything is in 0.1 seconds thanks to all its compartments.

As my bag is black I chose a lighter-coloured liner to make it easier to find everything. If you’re in the market for a liner then this would be my top tip.


The liner has a snug fit in my bag – great for maintaining its structure – and I had to wiggle it to get it in. I have to admit there was a small part at the back of the back of the bag which wasn’t as stiff as I would have liked, so I fixed this with a bit of tissue paper in between the bag and the liner. You would never know and it doesn’t rustle at all and it makes me so much happier about my Del Rey’s overall shape.

PapillonKia Small Mulberry Del Rey bag liner

PapillonKia Small Mulberry Del Rey bag liner

So far so good. My bag is the shape I want, but what about the inside?

It’s organisation heaven. There are two pockets on either side and one at one end. There’s also a longer pocket along one side of the bag and of course a large main compartment. Thanks to the height of the liner I can also easily access the bag’s own internal zipped pocket if I choose, but with all of the options with the liner, I haven’t needed to do this yet.

I’m a total convert to bag liners. The felt is thick and feels of a high quality and the light colour of the liner makes everything much easier to find than in the depths of a black bag. It also serves another bonus purpose of protecting the inside of your bag too (in case a pen leaks, for example).

PapillonKia currently have a sale on across their range of bag liners in a heap of different colours. They have loads of liners for different Mulberry bags and also Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Longchamp, Gucci and Aspinal of London. I snapped up mine for £20.00 with free P&P which I think is an absolute steal for the change it’s made to my bag. I wouldn’t be without it.

Are you a fan of bag liners or do you prefer to play a game of fishing roulette when trying to find your keys/headphones/lip balm? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.



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