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Velvet everything

Velvet is back and I’ve got to say I’m dealing with this news with both excitement and trepidation. I can still remember a beloved pair of navy velvet flared trousers (please don’t laugh) which I returned to Miss Selfridge about 15 years ago after they shrunk after their first wash and became decidedly half-mast. I loved those trousers and followed the washing instructions to the letter but alas they were ruined anyway (not that the shop assistant believed me). I got a refund and then avoided velvet like the plague.

But recently a couple of things happened.

I fell in love with a Boden coat (after those sneaks sent me an enticing catalogue through the post). Cobalt blue, military in style, with velvet detailing on the cuffs, collar and pockets. It was stunning.

Boden Military coat

Boden Military coat

I posted it to my Instagram story in a pool of drool only to receive a Whatsapp message from my husband a few minutes later to tell me that he’d bought it for me as (a very early) Christmas present. He really is the best. I love it (and him, obviously), and the velvet feels oh so luxurious. It’s the loveliest and most expensive coat I own and it’s reignited my love for what can be the trickiest of fabrics.

And then I saw this: Stylist and influencer Juliet in head-to-toe mustard yellow velvet at Paris Fashion Week.

What a look. Not one I could pull off in drizzly East Yorkshire that’s for sure, but HELLO VELVET.

“OK sure, so this is all fabulous, but what about the bags?” I hear you say?

Well, I think velvet + bags/accessories is the way to go if you want to tap into this trend without fear of accidentally shrinking your trousers.

First up, it’s Zara, who never disappoint:

Zara Velvet bag - £29.99

Zara Velvet bag – £29.99

I love the colour of this chain bag found on ASOS:

ASOS Glamourous Velvet Bag - £26.00

ASOS Glamourous Velvet Bag – £26.00

At the other end of the price spectrum is this gorgeous Gucci Marmont bag:

Gucci GG Marmont Medium Velvet bag - £1,350

Gucci GG Marmont Medium Velvet bag – £1,350

Or this rather lovely YSL Small Kate velvet bag in a rich burgundy. This fabric lends itself so well to bold jewel colours:

YSL Small Kate Velvet Bag - £1,250

YSL Small Kate Velvet Bag – £1,250

Not sold on the velvet bag idea? Then how about a purse? I love these monogrammed ones on Etsy:

Velvet monogrammed purse - £12.00

Velvet monogrammed purse – £12.00

And this Velvet Croc coin purse by Whistles is lovely:

Whistles Velvet Coin Purse - £30.00

Whistles Velvet Coin Purse – £30.00

While we’re going velvet we might as well have a bit of fun, and this cat purse is very cute:

ASOS Velvet Cat Purse - £6.00

ASOS Velvet Cat Purse – £6.00

So what do you think? Are you a fan of velvet or is this trend not for you? Personally I can’t get enough of the new-look velvet and am in need of a new purse so might well be ordering one of the monogrammed ones above. At least I definitely can’t shrink that in the washing machine.

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