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The Perfect day-to-night bag for under £20

This is it guys. The only bag you need to take you from day to night this autumn/winter. And yes, it costs less than £20.

Now brace yourselves please, as I know I made my thoughts about bum bags very clear after New York Fashion Week. But I’m about to champion a bum bag.

Yeah, I told you I’d come round.

Mi-Pac Leopard Faux Pony Bumbag

Mi-Pac Leopard Faux Pony Bumbag – £19.99

Anyway, here it is – a lovely grey and brown faux pony hair leopard bum bag that will look just as good as you walk around the shops as it will on a night out for a meal and drinks. An extra bonus of it being a bum bag is that you will never have to put it on a disgusting floor (as you’ll be wearing it) and the chances of someone nicking it while you’re momentarily distracted reduce too (as, again, you’ll be wearing it).

I did have my eye on a lovely pink velvet bum bag (also on ASOS) but alas it had sold out. Yes, velvet is becoming a minor obsession at the moment and I’m trying to work out how I can introduce it into my wardrobe without going full-on crazy aunt at a wedding. The struggle is real.

But back to the bag. If leopard print isn’t your thing then clap your eyes on these beauties.

sequin bum bag

Sequin bum bag – £15.00

Gold Rave bum bag - £15.00

Gold Rave bum bag – £15.00

Pink Glitter Bum Bag - £18.00

Pink Glitter Bum Bag – £18.00

All under £20, all leaving you handsfree to carry shopping bags/hold a drink/dance energetically/do whatever tickles your fancy.

So there you go, I’m a veritable bum bag convert. Are you?

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