Bagsposure | 5 ways to Style up your Bag for Autumn
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5 ways to Style up your Bag for Autumn

Let’s be honest, autumn screams GET A NEW BAG, doesn’t it? Oh, just me? Well, whatever.

The changing of the seasons is as good a time as any to freshen up your trusty old bag when you get it out of storage. Summer totes get packed away and the oaky, chocolate brown satchels and earthy charcoal beauties come out from hibernation for the darker months. But if you can’t afford to buy a new bag, why not style up one you do have? I’ve rounded up five ways to give your bag an added bit of something.

  1. Bag charms

    An old favourite. Choose an oversized fluffy faux fur pom-pom, a bellboy teddy bear or a classic tassel. Or all three at once. Why not.

  2. Switch up your strap

    Anya Hindmarch has got some gorgeous shoulder and long straps which you can just clip on and go. OK they are a bit pricy (and almost cost as much as some designer bags themselves) but they are very pretty. Alternatively, head to The Pesky Partridge on Etsy and check out these colourful leather crossbody straps, while Rebecca Minkoff has some gorgeous studded guitar straps here.

  3. Add a Twilly


    Love Lolo TwillyA what? A piece of fabric wrapped around the handles of your bag. Not only will a twilly give your bag an instant lift, but it will protect the handles too. My current favourites are these beauties from Love Lolo which are made from Liberty fabrics. There are six different ones to choose from meaning there’s a colourway to suit every bag shade.

    Love Lolo Twillys

  4. Stickers

    Kate Spade bag stickersI’m not talking raiding your child’s Paw Patrol activity book (although DO if you fancy it). Kate Spade has got some great stickers to personalise your bag, from letters to patches – just make sure you stick them on straight. Saying this, I would only ever add stickers to a cheap bag and never one of my designer ones, because I’m not an idiot.

  5. Add a fringe

    Honestly WTF fringe bag DIYThis is a bit more hands on (and again, I’m guessing you’ll only want to give this a whirl if you’ve got a plain and cheap old clutch kicking about in your wardrobe) but fringing was big in NYFW at Calvin Klein and here’s how you can hop on the trend cheaply. I love Honestly WTF’s DIYs as they are simple but look so effective.


So what do you think? Is it time to get a Twilly or add a fringe to a faded old favourite? I’d love to hear your thoughts. I also want to get a bit creative with velvet because it’s so gorgeously tactile (maybe velvet ribbons tied around your bag handles?) but I feel there’s a whole other post in there.

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