Bagsposure | Are Net bags the new IT bags?
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Are Net bags the new IT bags?

You know the story: Something keeps popping up all over Instagram. It looks effortlessly cool in the beautifully posed and perfectly-edited photos and you like it. Then it gets picked up in the real world and touted as ‘Street Style’ at various fashion events before inevitably we’re told that it’s the next big thing and buy your own HipNewThing here etc etc etc.

So what’s the latest It thing that I’m on about? The humble net bag.

A quick cruise around Instagram and you’ll see a load of these simple bags being touted on the beach/in the street/out shopping/being held in front of an interesting door. Oh Instagram, I love you, but you do have a naughty habit of making things look effortless, when in reality they are anything but.

You see, the problem with net bags is they have lots of holes.

“Well, DUH” I hear you say, but therein lies the problem. While they look super pretty filled with perfect oranges on a sunkissed street in Seville, the reality of a wet autumn day in Milton Keynes sees your keys slipping through one of the holes and falling down a grid, leaving you to unstylishly scramble on the floor as you try to fish them out with a biro.

Some things just look better on the internet, unless you really do just want to use a net bag on the beach, or to carry oranges.

If you still think you can pull off this look in drizzly England without leaving a Hansel and Gretel-style trail of your belongings in your wake, then you can buy your own net bag here.

honestly wtf net bag DIY

Alternatively, if you’re feeling a bit crafty and want to add a bit of pizzazz to your new favourite Instagram prop, then check out this quick DIY from Honestly WTF.

As for me? I’m not going anywhere near this one. I quite like the idea of using a net bag for shopping (but seriously, the mega bags you get at LIDL are much more practical). But instead of a handbag? Forget it. Wind, rain and the aforementioned holes make this pretty bag too impractical for me, even if it would get all of the likes on Instagram.

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