Bagsposure | How to clean and touch-up the colour of your Mulberry bag
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Mulberry Bryn care

How to clean and touch-up the colour of your Mulberry bag

I’ve got to admit that aside from storing my handbags in their dustbags I’m a bit rubbish when it comes to looking after them. Sure, I don’t throw them on the floor and always carefully dry them if I get caught in the rain, but aside from spraying them with Collonil Waterstop YEARS ago, I don’t really do much. Which is silly really when I think about how much I love and use them.

I know lots of people can be scared to use a designer bag but I think they should be used and loved, not just looked at. And yes, it was high time to give my bags an MOT, especially my Flame Mulberry Bryn, which sadly had suffered a bit of colour loss on its piping through wear.

Mulberry Bryn colour loss

Mulberry Bryn wear in corners

For ages I didn’t think there was anything to be done about this until I started chatting with Louise from Love Lolo Accesories in a Facebook group for Mulberry lovers. Louise is something of an expert when it comes to caring for bags and restoring them to former glories and she suggested I clean and moisturise the leather with Collonil 1909 lotion, touch up the colour with a perfectly-matched shoe cream then protect the lot with Carbon Pro – like a new and improved Waterstop to seal the leather with a formula that still lets it breathe.

And do you know what, the whole process was not only easy but really theraputic.

Collonil clean and care products from Love Lolo

Love Lolo have easy to follow video guides on their site to show you exactly how to use the products and a handy colour-matching guide so you can get the right touch-up shoe cream colour for your bag. If you’re still not sure, Louise is happy to advise.

Collonil leather lotion

I started off cleaning and conditioning my bag with Collonil 1909 lotion, applying a small amount and rubbing in small circles and paying close attention to the corners where the colour had rubbed off.

The, after it had dried, I buffed it off with a horse hair brush (a necessary step for grainy leather bags).

Buffing the Bryn with a horse hair brush

Then it was time for the red Collonil shoe cream to touch-up the corners of my bag. But why shoe cream and not a polish? Shoe creams are absorbed by the leather – helping to keep it soft and giving a ‘satin’ finish – rather than looking too shiny, and don’t build up over time.

This was really satisfying. You only need a really tiny amount so the pot I bought will last a very long time. Again, I used a soft lint-free cloth and tiny circular movements to rub the cream into the affected areas.

Using Collonil shoe cream on my bag

I let the cream dry for about and hour then buffed it off with the cloth (I didn’t want red stains on my clothes) then sprayed my bag with Collonil Carbon Pro to seal and protect it from the elements. This protects it from rain, dirt and natural oils from your hands – perfect as we head into autumn and winter.

Mulberry Bryn after care Mulberry Bryn close up

Ta-da! Doesn’t it look brilliant. Conditioned, no worn-away corners and ready for the elements. Good job really seeing as red is the colour of the season. I’m really pleased with the results and was so surprised how easy it was I used the 1909 lotion and Carbon Pro on a couple of other bags straight away. The Carbon Pro can also be used to protect a host of other things, including UGG boots, so I’ll be giving mine a once over soon.

If you’re looking to give any of your bags some TLC or bring them back to life then I can’t recommend Love Lolo Accessories enough. Great advice, speedy delivery and fantastic results using the Collonil products.

  • Jacqueline Gandolfi

    October 16, 2017 at 4:28 pm Reply

    Hi. Looking up to touch up the corners of my oak Bayswater? Can you help with what I will need. Thanks 😄😄

    • Kate

      October 19, 2017 at 10:03 am Reply

      Hi, thanks for the comment! Of course – it depends on the type of leather and the exact shade of your bag. Your best bet is to head to Love Lolo Accessories as they have a full range of Collonil products. Louise (who runs the business) is always happy to help and answer questions about the products you need for the type and colour of leather. And no I’m not being paid to say this/recommend her, I just think she’s the best in the business. Good luck with the Mulberry MOT! x

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