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Furry Foes

Furry bags are in for winter and I’m not a fan.

Yes, I like the idea of being able to cuddle my bag if it gets a bit chilly but I’m not 13 and I think carrying a furry bag around would make me look like a bit of a dick. Also imagine what would happen if it rained. Wet dog, anyone?

Also, a lot of the bags that fall into this category are frankly ridiculous.

I mean:

google eye river island furry pink bag


And also this. This Zara effort is cute, but am I missing something?zara FURRY MONSTER HANDBAG

Also from Zara:

Zara faux fur backpack

Just no.

And this Topshop number looks like you’re carrying roadkill on your arm:

topshop faux fur bag

I get that first and foremost fashion should be fun, but I think this trend just looks a bit shit.

If you need one more example then check out this grey clutch from New Look, which looks like a piece of carpet.

New Look grey-faux-fur-clutch-bag

I’m going to give this trend the swerve. How about you?

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