Bagsposure | How to Refashion an evening bag in two minutes
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How to Refashion an evening bag in two minutes

Mulberry rose gold Charlie

OK so this might not work depending on the type of bag you have, but if you’ve got a shoulder bag or clutch then come aboard.

As someone who could happily buy a new bag every week with my limitless pot of (imaginary) cash, I’ve started looking for different ways to get that buzz. Sure, some of that involves me poring over websites of my favourite designers and eagerly waiting for updates to the ‘New in’ sections, but when you’re itching to get a new bag in your sweaty little hands, online stalking just doesn’t cut the mustard.

Enter ‘refashioning’, aka a fancy new word for taking something you already have, changing it a bit then falling in love with it all over again.

I decided to give the refashioning treatment to a rose gold Mulberry Charlie clutch bag I bought years ago. This bag was an outlet special and has seen me through so many weddings and events. I love it because the leather is coated, so WIPE CLEAN. It’s amazing. However, I’m all about the crossbody bag or bags with long straps now… or CHAINS. Which gave me an idea.

Crossbody chain and Mulberry Charlie

Half an hour cruising round eBay later and I had bought a replacement crossbody chain to refashion my trusty Charlie. When it arrived, I literally had to clip it into place and TA DA! A brand new crossbody for my collection. If I ever find my pliers it would be a simple job to take off the existing chain, but instead I’ve left it on but reclipped it as a mini carry handle.

Mulberry Charlie crossbody Mulberry Charlie crossbody Mulberry Charlie crossbodyMulberry Charlie CrossbodySo what do you think? Have I tempted you to changing up one of your bags? I might take this one with me on holiday as a handy day-to-night option as I feel more relaxed about packing it due than some of my other designer ones to it’s durable finish.

I’m off to see what other bags I can refashion to get that new bag feeling.

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