Bagsposure | Introducing the Mulberry Amberley collection
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Introducing the Mulberry Amberley collection

Mulberry Amberley

I love it when one of my favourite designers launches a new collection. When Mulberry unveiled its new Amberley family at the A/W ’17 London Fashion Week I felt they had created a new classic.

The Bayswater will always be the bag most synonymous with this British brand, but the Amberley could rival its perennial stablemate with its modern sleek looks and heritage saddlery leathers. This new family of hangbags draws its inspiration from equestrian and the countryside, with its new Rider’s Lock key to the fresh new look.

Mulberry Amberley


The Rider’s Lock embodies the distinctive idea of ‘Le Style Anglais’ established by the brand in the 1970s. A tradition, reinvented.


Essentially, the new-look closure is an inverted Postman’s lock – for years a Mulberry staple – but I like the willingness to switch up one of the most recognisable parts of the bags’ hardware. The Rider’s lock, with its look of a horse bit and bridle, is a fresh point of view on a timeless classic.

The Amberley collection is available in five different silhouettes – the Amberley, a satchel, a small satchel, mini satchel and a hobo. The range is named after Amberley Castle, an English country seat in west Sussex which dates back to the 12th century.

Red Mulberry Amberley

Colour-wise, these beautiful bags come in Rust, Elephant Blue and Dark Amethyst, as well as the core shades of Oak, Oxblood, Clay and Black. I love the Clay and Oxblood the most, as they really encapsulate the modern classic style of the Amberley collection.

Could you be tempted to swap your trusted Bayswater for one of these bags?

Discover the Mulberry Amberley here.


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