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Changing bags got cool

One thing I found when I became a new mum – apart from the complete and utter change a baby brings to your life – is that I stopped using a handbag. It sounds insignificant, and in the grand scheme of feeding, burping and snatching slivers of sleep, it totally was. But in another sense, the day I decided to go out with a handbag instead of just the hulking great change bag was a big moment. It felt as if a hint of the old me was emerging from the haze of my new mum chrysalis. Me v2.0. And after several months in a post-birth shell-shocked cocoon, it was nice to have a bit of the old me back. Saying that, it didn’t go well as I ended up wrestling with my shoulder bag (bad choice) and the bulky change bag and returning home a red hot mess.

If only I had known then what I know now – changing bags got cool. I could have easily tapped into a stylish alternative which sated my need for a separate bag.

But worry not. If you’re in the same boat as I was (or heading to a baby shower and want to get possibly the best present ever for a new mum) then I have the answers for you, as I’ve rounded up the most stylish change bags on the market.

Jem + Bea

Jem + Bea Amber changing bag

Jem + Bea Amber changing bag

Jem + Bea Amber changing bag in Grey White. Soft tumbled leather, five interior pockets, two exterior slip pockets and changing mat – £230


Jem + Bea Farah ‘Grab-and-go’, contrasting leather, three compartments and travel-sized change mat – £140

Tiba + Marl

Tiba + Marl Elwood backpack

Tiba + Marl Elwood backpack in Goth Floral (available in several other colours) with changing mat and cross body bag – £130


Kerikit Joy XL backpack

Kerikit Joy XL backpack, with matching changing mat and waterproof lined washable food bag – £295.00


Pacapod Jasper in Chestnut

Slouchy leather changing bag with three-in-one baby organiser and two detachable pods – approx £310

Yes these bags are pricey as changing bags go, but you’re effectively doubling them up as your handbag and they are very stylish, which I thinks helps to justify the price tag. What do you think?

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