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Mel and Nat

mel and nat clutches

Mel and Nat is a new British brand which makes gorgeous and covetable leather bags. In fact I would go as far as saying they make the metallic leather bags of your dreams.

Don’t believe me? Then check out this beauty:

mel and nat beach bag

Described as ‘the ultimate shoulder bag for the summer’, this roomy tote shimmers in soft pink, aqua and gold metallic leathers. Isn’t it goregous?

The duo also make a range of stunning clutches, each in a colour block design. I’m struggling to decide on my favourite but I think it might be this one:

Mel and Nat Bright Blue classic clutch

Mel and Nat Bright Blue classic clutch – £140

The clutch is roomy enough to hold an iPad and the colours and style easily take it from day to night.

I love the soft sorbet shades used in this collection. They are definitely another designer to add to your watchlist.

mel and nat clutch

Mel and Nat Foil leather classic clutch – £140

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